Hi All,

Warm greetings of the day!!

It’s that time of the year when Quantum takes pride in celebrating it’s Foundation Day!!

From a proprietorship company called Quantum Technologies based in India, to a Group of 3 Companies we have come a long way.

Thanks to many customers, associates, partners and team members like you.

It experienced tough times , turbulent times and challenges of growing up as well happy moments of achievements, euphoric and exciting moments of new endeavors and all mixed moments that come in the life of an organisation.

Now we have three companies under Quantum flagship as follows:

1. Quantum Info trainers and Consultants ( QICPL) , Pune, India:

This is the flagship company . We have been active in B2B market place in India. Incorporated in 2005 as a formal off shoot of Quantum Technologies Have serviced more than 750 clients in it’s life time , chiefly in

IT Trainings

Functional Trainings

HR training programs

For more, please visit us : http://www.qicpl.com

2. Quantum Trainings Pte Ltd.(QTPL), Singapore :

Incorporated in 2014 , the company is engaged in both, B2B and B2C markets in the international markets for delivering training programs in the behavioural training programs chiefly in:

Emotional Intelligence using EQ I 2.0 and other frameworks.

Strategic Thinking using Balanced Score Card.

Cross Culture Sensitivity


Negotiation Skills

All behavioural and communication programs.

The company has acquired more than 20 clients in 3 years of operations in B2B markets in Singapore and The Philippines. Very soon we will be present in other regions such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and other ASEAN region. For more, please visit us : http://www.quantumtrainings.com

3. Bodhisattva Learning Pvt Ltd.(BLPL), based in Pune, India:

The company is chiefly engaged in the behavioural , languages and academic programs . The company is incorporated in 2017 and is operating in the following areas:

Open workshops

Foreign Language Academy

E Learning programs


All behavioural programs and counselling services.

Academic support programs

The company has acquired 5 schools and 2 colleges for Faculty Development, Student Support and other programs in and around Pune. We have successfully completed 15 workshops and have coached more than 60 individuals. Very soon , our E Learning programs will be on. For more, please visit : http://www.bodhisattvalearning.com

Though last few years have been turbulent due to growth and sustainability issues, it has given me immense sense of accomplishment with your support in good and difficult times.

A Big Thanks to all of you for the continued support!!

Warm Regards,

Dr.Pratik P. SURANA

Ph.D., M.C.A., MBA

Chief Mentor and Director

Skype: pratiksqicpl

” If you feel Training is Expensive, Try Ignorance”.

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