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Everyone is aware of the old demand Indian Armed Forces have for One Rank One Pension. Here are a few facts

  • – Armed forces employees get a pension of a few hundred rupees per month against the civil servants or IAS officers who get it in thousands and also there has been increments in the same year after year or pay commission after pay commission.
  • – Armed forces in India are one of the most trustworthy forces and most efficient in some of the most difficult conditions to perform in. Only due to political or diplomatic interference, they are in reactive than pro active mode as long as protecting borders or any other strategic move against the enemies are concerned.
  • – They are the ones who have to fight for their rights after the retirement including the insulting sum of pension .
  • – The pension has not been revised for more than 20 years now unlike pensions for the political class and UPSC Cadre.
  • – The Short Service Commission is still struggling to make it a point for their pensions where as a MP serving for an equal amount of years is entitled for lifetime pension.

After the courts had taken sue motto action on the same and questioned various governments, here are some classic replies across the governments , including the present day government:

-Scarcity of funds ( Mind you, our PM has been efficient in declaring packages for various states of a few Lacs of Crores. His foreign trip expenses, something one should not talk about)

  • – The entry point exams for Civil Services is tougher than the Armed Forces, hence Civil Servants are paid more ( What an argument!!! A person joins Armed Forces at the age of 16-19 where as for civil services it’s 20-28. Besides some of the exams for defence such as CDS are equally tough if not more. Mind you the present government supports this argument of the previous governments)
  • Now look at some of the Pearls of Wisdom our Politicians have come up with for the armed forces:
  • -People go to Armed Forces to die. Why should they bother about such things – M.P. from Bihar , BJP, Mr. Sumitranandan
  • – People go to Armed Forces by choice to get free drinks and subsidized cigars unlike we MPs who are elected by the people and have to work hard – TDP M.P. Dr. Ravindra Puppala in a debate on Times Now about the VVIP Culture
  • – Armed forces can’t be given good quality clothes and tents, else they will relax and get used to it . Then they can’t protect borders. S.P. M.P. Ram Naresh Yadav

Is this the way we treat the people who protect us? It has been more than two decades they have been asking only dignity and their rightful dues. Do we deserve such Defence Forces which lives in inhuman conditions, die for the country, protect us in natural disasters and above all struggles for it’s own rights and also caned by the police when they protest for their rightful dues.

Shame India Shame!!!

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