You are Right Mr. Murthy!!!

Came across Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy’s post on no invention in the premiere institutes in India.

You are right Mr. Murthy!! Indian Institutes and companies have not done any innovation in the last 6 decades which has taken world by surprise.How can we do that Mr. Murthy?

We are always in denial mode about the problems we have. We are a power driven society than an intellect based society. An intellect based society always gives freedom to the members of the society. we are a society where every choice is made by others on our behalf. Be it our education, jobs,marriages or even the clothes we wear. Where “Control” is the first and the only word for which we exist. Our lives are controlled by various people, be it our parents,elders,teachers,politicians,bureaucrats and some times even our children. the Dos and Don’ts here are so important and to comply with them is more important.

You spoke about the educational institutes of the greatest stature in India. Unfortunately, they are controlled and dictated by non competent political class who want to get their own agenda executed and hence keep displaying their power in a power driven society, be it appointing a director for FTII or even canteens of IITs. If we are dictated even for the food choices, do you expect the creative minds to stay where there’s no freedom.

And yes, the kind of treatment that creative minds get here, let’s not even talk about it. Be it M.F. Hussain, U.R. Ananthmurthy or even a Noble Laureate like Amartya Sen . If you can’t comply with the dictated word, you are thrown out. In such culture, how can one ever be innovative? If the atmosphere around us is full of fear and negativity, you expect us to be innovative? Besides, if I voice an opinion which is not suitable to the society, this very intolerant society takes the law in it’s own hands. Intellect and innovation has no room here,sir. India has not produced any earth shaking invention for the last sixty years and won’t be able to do so if the society looks at complying with the rules and regressive agenda than challenging it, which is a primary requirement for innovation. You are expecting a square peg in the round hole Mr. Murthy…

Here in IITs and IIMs, we are taught by the people who carry on the syllabus to produce the numbers of engineers who need to be “employable” than being innovative. We worry about the package than the quality of work so that we can earn more, lead an average comfortable life and never ever dream of excellence or harness our skills. That’s what our parents, friends and society expects of us…

Invention? Sorry Mr. Murthy, you have dialled a wrong number…

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