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    Game Development Fundamentals with Unity (ML022)


    Game development is a challenging and rewarding experience, so to make it easier, we have created Swords and Shovels to prepare you for the journey ahead. Unity has so much to offer game developers today, all you have to do is harness that power. This Unity Authorized skill path will teach you the essential tools and skills used to create fantastic games in Unity.

    For those interested in game development there are multiple opportunities to work in the industry. From designing and producing games, to creating game art, to coding, all fields of digital are represented in the game development industry.

    You’ll learn all the basics as you create your game with Jack’s expert help and mentoring. It will be challenging, but, it will also be fun. Jack will provide full explanations for each function and leave you confident in creating your own games with the Unity engine.

    We’ll provide all the components for you to create the game as Jack does. In fact, it’s best for you take this course with your laptop open and create the game as Jack is, comparing your results to his.

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    Game Development Fundamentals with Unity (ML022)

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  • Game Development with Unity 5 (SR084)


    Game development is an ever changing, constantly improving, and highly dynamic area to work in. Things are on the move constantly, and if you’re not careful you can get left behind. That’s why it’s important to keep your skills at the top level and to familiarise yourself with the latest tools and programs out there. This course will do just that by getting you up to speed with Unity5, the newest version of one of the industry’s leading development engines.

    Become a Unity 5 Developer

    Build your first functioning game in 60 minutes
    Create more complex games as your skills improve
    Increasing levels of complexity to cater for both beginners and experienced developers
    Grasp game development fundaments in a practical way
    Gain practical skills than can instantly be used in the real world
    Learn the Secrets of Unity 5 Game Development

    Whether you’re completely new to game development or have gained some experience developing games with Unity already, this course is for you. With 85 lectures and 9.5 hours of content, it takes starts off at beginner level and advances up to more complex projects.

    This course goes beyond merely explaining or showing you how everything works; you’ll be shown how, and then you’ll do it for yourself. As you progress through the course you’ll create three games of increasing complexity; a trivia game to demonstrate programming basics and show you the Unity user interface, followed by a 2D platforming game, and to finish, first person shooter game complete with visual effects and artificial intelligence.

    By creating these games, you’ll learn all about scripting and user interface including questions and answer options, creating different levels, adding audio, freezing game play, building scenes, learning Nav Mesh, character and object movement, and game narrative, among other things.

    This course emphasises coding and development, and is suitable for anyone who wants to learn to develop games or learn how to code. To start this course, you will need to have Unity installed on your computer; we’ll show you everything else from there.

    About Unity 5

    Unity is a games engine used to create and develop 2D and 3D games and interactive experiences. It is fast becoming the industry standard for creating multiplatform games. Unity5 is the latest version of the tool, and includes a number of advanced powerful features such as a 64-bit editor, frame debuggers, graphics command buffers, and more.

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    Game Development with Unity 5 (SR084)

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  • Game Hacking | Create a Game in 1 Hour (SR059)


    Using Unity 3D and Blender, this course aims to introduce game development to beginners. In these tutorials, the various aspects of asset animation and coding games will be taught. This is to provide students the support they need to start creating their first game in under an hour!

    This course uses the free versions of both Unity 3D and Blender.

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    Game Hacking | Create a Game in 1 Hour (SR059)

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  • Learn Blender Modeling and Texturing (SR086)


    Learn Blender from a beginner’s perspective with this Blender 3D modeling and texturing course from Stone River eLearning. If you’re interested in 3D modeling and texturing for game design, 3D art, 3D animation or architectural design, Blender 3D is a free, easy to use tool that will allow you to master 3D modeling with no money out of pocket.

    What You Will Learn

    In this course you will gain the skills to create and texture 3D models. This Learn Blender course covers the fundamental tools you will use for modeling in Blender. You’ll receive an overview of how to give your models, materials and textures a professional look, with extra detail and color to make then look complete and professionally done.

    What You Can Do After Taking This Course

    By the end of this course you should have an understanding of modeling and texturing that will allow you to build and learn more on your own. You will be provided with additional Blender learning resources and project files to continue learning and practicing after you’ve completed the course.

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    Learn Blender Modeling and Texturing (SR086)

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  • Learn Level Design with Blender and Unity 3D (SR087)


    Level design is a critical component to all games, but a component that can be difficult to get right. Anyone with graphics experience can in theory create a functioning single level game; but creating a game that’s interesting and enjoyable as well as functional takes some finesse. Mastering Blender and Unity 3D is a sure fire way to make your game level design all of this, and more.

    Develop your level design skills to the highest standard

    1.Understand game level design in both conceptual and practical terms

    2.Design 3D models for game levels

    3.Create textures through Photoshop

    4.Construct and operate a full game level on Unity 3D

    Construct multi-level games using versatile programs

    Blender and Unity 3D are both open source programs used by games designers all over the world. Developed by their community of users, they construct games that operate on almost all platforms; from consoles and desktops to mobile and websites. Gaining a knowledge of both programs is hugely beneficial to any game developer, as it fine-tunes your insight and intuition for creating multi-faceted, compelling and exciting game levels. Whether you’re still coming to grips with level design or already have a wealth of experience under your belt, learning level design with Blender and Unity 3D will ensure your skills are up to date and flawless.

    Course Overview

    This course includes over 66 lectures and 5 hours of content, suited to anyone with a basic understanding of Blender and Unity 3D. If your interests lie in level design, 3D modelling or texturing, then this course is for you.

    You’ll first learn about the concepts and best practices of level design, from setting goals and getting references to planning and mapping out your level in Photoshop. You will then move on to modular design and complete basic object manipulation tasks; the first step to creating a full game level.

    You will go through each aspect of level design in detail; floors, ceilings, walls, focal points, props and other objects, filling in your level as you learn. Then, you’ll add intricate texture to each of these elements, bringing your level design up a notch from basic to something much more professional looking.

    Reviews and quizzes have been incorporated into each section of this course so that the material covered is constantly refreshed. On completion, you will take away an up to date skill set in Unity 3D and Blender. You will have an understanding of graphics software, game engines, game level design, and how all of these elements work seamlessly to create fun and engaging games.

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    Learn Level Design with Blender and Unity 3D (SR087)

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  • Unity 3D Mapbox: Location-Based Game Development (SR081)


    Learn how to build experiences for exploring the world with Mapbox. Add location into any game with their mapping, navigation, and location search SDKs. Harness the power of location like Pokémon GO, Ingress, & Zombies, Run! These videos were produced in collaboration with the good folks at Mapbox.

    You’ll learn what Mapbox can do, how to add the Mapbox SDK to your Unity 3D projects, then build some amazing games that leverage the power of location and maps.

    First off, you’ll build PocketDroids GO where your players will capture Droids into their collection, based on real-time location data which is seamlessly integrated into the game with Mapbox. You’ll build both a main world scene as well as a capture scene where players can attempt to capture rogue bots in the wild.

    Moving on, you’ll build another game called Drenches of War – a super fun, portable, defense game. You’ll learn all about ARTabletopKit from Mapbox so that you can get your drench on anywhere there’s a flat surface! Defend a city from hordes of oncoming enemies bent on soaking you and your home base. We’ll be dynamically generating buildings and obstacles with Mapbox’s Terrain Vector Tile system and their curated Points of Interest.

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    Unity 3D Mapbox: Location-Based Game Development (SR081)

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  • Unity 5 2D and 3D Game Development (SR082)


    This is the most comprehensive course on Unity 3d on the Internet. We are avid game developers and were tired of all the junk out there – teaching students how to make 3D cubes without real-world game development.

    Here are some of the things you will learn:

    Installation & setup
    Basic artificial intelligence
    Lightning & lightmapping
    Camera animations & cutscenes
    Character animations
    Scripting, scripting, scripting!
    Materials & skyboxes
    Sound FX & music
    Multiplayer over LAN & Internet
    Particle FX
    Melee & ranged battle systems
    Tower Defense Game
    Adventure Game
    And a ton more…

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    Unity 5 2D and 3D Game Development (SR082)

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  • What’s New In Unity 5 (SR083)


    Learn the new features of Unity 5 in this course from Stone River eLearning that covers each of the new features. You’ll learn what they are, how they work and how you can use them to create professional quality games with Unity 3D.

    Unity 5.0 is the biggest and boldest release ever. Powerful new features in Unity 5 include:

    The Physically-based Standard Shader to make your materials look consistent in any lighting environment, cross platform.
    Real-time Global Illumination, built on Geomerics Enlighten technology.
    The Audio Mixer, to massively improve audio in your game.
    HDR Reflection Probes to enhance visual fidelity.
    PhysX 3.3 to bring massive performance improvements to 3D physics.
    Major updates to the animation system.
    WebGL preview.
    And of course, many more new features and updates. Keep reading to learn more.



    NavMesh supports LoadLevelAdditive
    Improved performance and reduced memory consumption:
    NavMeshObstacles update is multi-threaded now. Carving speed generally improved 2-4x.
    NavMesh data for non-carved regions takes ~2x less memory now.
    Performance improvements for multi-threaded NavMeshAgent updates.
    HeightMeshes bake faster, work faster at runtime, and use ~35% less memory.
    Path replanning in presence of many carving obstacles is faster and more accurate.
    Improved inspectors and debug visualizations:
    NavMesh Areas inspector (previously NavMesh Layers) got a facelift.
    Reorganized parameters NavMeshAgent inspector.
    Added carve hull debug visualisation for NavMeshObstacles.
    Added visualisation on how NavMesh bake settings relate to each other.
    Improved accuracy and raised limits:
    NavMeshObstacle supports two basic shapes – cylinder and box for both carving and avoidance.
    Improved automatic Off-Mesh Link collision detection accuracy. Note that this will change how off-mesh links placement on existing scenes.
    Improved navmesh point location/mapping when height mesh is used.
    Increased the height range of NavMesh baking (can build meshes for taller scenes).
    Made Height Mesh query more resilient to small holes in input geometry.
    NavMesh obstacle rotation is take into account when carving and avoiding.
    NavMesh tile count limit lifted from 216 to 228.
    NavMeshPath and NavMeshAgent paths removed 256 polygon limit.
    OffMeshLink – removed restriction on tile span – previously connected only up to neighbouring tiles.

    KitKat Immersive Fullscreen Mode. Applied by default.
    Rendering to multiple displays.
    Rendering to custom java surfaces. Exposed in Unity as additional displays.
    AAR Support. AAR files can now be used as a replacement for Android Library Project folders.

    State Machine Behaviours
    StateMachineBehaviours is a new MonoBehaviour-like Component that can be added to a StateMachine state to attach callbacks
    Available callbacks are : OnStateEnter, OnStateExit, OnStateUpdate, OnStateMove, OnStateIK, OnStateMachineEnter and OnStateMachineExit
    Animator.GetBehaviour(). This function return the first StateMachineBehaviour that match type T

    StateMachine Transitions
    Can now add higher level transitions from StateMachine to StateMachine
    Entry and Exit nodes define how the StateMachine behaves upon entering and exiting.

    Asset API
    Allows to create and edit, in Editor, all types of Mecanim assets ( Controllers, StateMachines, BlendTree etc.)
    Added API for Avatar, Motion Nodes, Events and Curve in the Model Importer
    Direct Blend Tree.
    New type of blend tree to control the weight of each child independently

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    What’s New In Unity 5 (SR083)

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