Access 2013 : Advanced (CA083)




The Microsoft Office Access 2013: Advanded course builds upon basic Microsoft Access skills acquired in Access Basic and Intermediate courses to help students become the masters of Microsoft Office Access 2013. In this Microsoft Access course, students will delve deeper into the program by studying more complex topics such as implementing advanced form designs, sharing data across applications, using macros to improve user interface, using VBA, using advanced database management, distributing and securing a database and managing switchboards.

Microsoft Office is critical to the day to day operations of any organization. This three leveled set of courses is specifically focused on the Microsoft Office Access 2013 that is an essential data management tool used by many organizations. The course is essential to allow smooth transition from the older Microsoft Office Access versions to the latest Microsoft Office Access 2013.

Who this course is for:
• Individuals looking to update their skill-set to Microsoft Office Access 2013
• Data entry operators
• Writers and publishers
• Candidates seeking to move to the latest version of Microsoft Office Access

• The course requires the students to have hands-on experience and knowledge of Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office 2010 especially Microsoft Office Access.
• In addition to that, a good knowledge of getting around with Microsoft Windows 10 is required as well
• The course is part of the three course series on Microsoft Office Access 2013. It is recommended that the students complete the previous levels before opting for this course.


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