Angular Fundamentals (CA074)



The Angular: Fundamentals course is a beginner level course to learn the basics of Angular framework for JavaScript/TypeScript application development. The course also helps the candidates to learn how to properly set up the development environment for creating an Angular application, including installing VS Code, Node.JS, TypeScript, and the Angular CLI.

The Angular: Fundamentals course facilitates the students to learn about Angular framework. This course provides practical and hands-on experience with a great option for building sophisticated web applications. If you are building for the web, Angular will change the way you write web interfaces and work across multiple browsers and platforms.

The course assumes that the candidates enrolling in this course possess substantial prior experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.In addition to this, the candidates are also supposed to have a minimum of two to three years’ experience in application and/or web development.

This course is for:
Experienced web developers
Front-end developers and engineers
Web designers
Quality analysts


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