Bootstrap 4: New Features – Build a Responsive Website (SY009)




Twitter Bootstrap has become the most widely used framework for quickly building responsive websites, and they’re currently launching Bootstrap 4 to the public. This new version 4.0 of Bootstrap comes with a ton of new features to help you build even better responsive websites.

In this course you will learn:

All about the new features and functionality in Bootstrap 4.0
What’s different in Bootstrap 4 vs. Bootstrap 3
Learn about the powerful Jumbotron feature
Create cards in Bootstrap
Learn how to build a modern startup landing page, and much more!
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

You need to have an understanding of HTML and CSS
You should some experience working with Sublime editor or other editors
Who this course is for:

You should take this course if you are a programmer or developer
If you are new to Bootstrap, you can also take this course to explore new features of Bootstrap 4.0
You should some basic understanding of HTML and CSS


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