Certificate of Sexual Harassment and Bullying Prevention in Healthcare (CWHBP) (MD017)




The Certificate of Workplace Sexual Harassment and Bullying Prevention in Healthcare Environments (CWHBP) provides annual training for healthcare professionals. Harassment, hostile work environments, bullying and other disruptive behaviors create tremendous risk to any organization but have been historically common in healthcare environments. Due to the unique hierarchy and imbalance of workplace power, it is critically important to ensure the safety of all staff as it relates to these levels of personal threat and its impact on safety. This course covers legal requirements and Joint Commission Standards on harassment, bullying, and other disruptive behaviors.



Describe the circumstances and legalities surrounding workplace harassment and bullying and detail the elements of a ‘Hostile Work Environment’
Breakout the elements of “Quid Pro Quo” harassment
Describe the relationship between bullying and other forms of intimidation in relation to Joint Commission Standards on Disruptive Behavior
Define the importance of third-party intervention and the necessity for reporting
Discuss reporting and protections offered under the law

AUDIENCE: This program is intended as a professional development course of study for providers, practice managers, consultants, medical staff, students in healthcare programs, HealthIT pro’s and others addressing medical site administration.


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