Certificate of Telehealth Skills Proficiency (CTHSP) (MD014)




The Certificate of Telehealth Skills Proficiency (CTHSP) provides a comprehensive understanding of the remote technology defined as telehealth and telemedicine. Telehealth is used around the world to deliver basic healthcare and to allow patients with mobility issues or other conflicts to seek medical care from the convenience of home. It has become a more common business model for many practices and providers during the pandemic.

Telemedicine has the power to not only break down typical geographical barriers to care access, but to make the entire healthcare delivery model more convenient for patients. This course includes a telehealth action plan, real world examples of telehealth sessions as well as a hands-on communication exercise designed to provide learners with a pragmatic telehealth experience.

Successful completion of the course and final exam delivers an approved 4MedPlus Proficiency Certificate with professional badge/seal!

Learning Objectives:

Discuss Current Methods and Models of Telehealth
Understand Telehealth Requirements
Discuss Protected Patient Health Information in the Telehealth Model
Outline Specifics of Telehealth Reimbursement
Define Remote Patient Monitoring
Demonstrate a Telehealth Workflow (hands-on exercise)
Build a Telehealth Action Plan


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