Certificate of Tuberculosis Prevention Proficiency (CTBPP) (MD007)




The Certificate of Tuberculosis/TB Prevention Proficiency (CTBPP) 2-part course provides learners with high-level information and current information about TB. These courses serve as an introduction only and do not replace the need to learn about specific exposures or hazards associated with working in a healthcare or clinical laboratory setting. This course is intended for all personnel who currently work or will begin working in a laboratory environment.

Learning Objectives

Understand Community Control of TB
Describe Transmission of TB
Discuss Pathogenesis of TB
Review TB in the United States
Understand Testing for TB Disease and Infection
Interpret Diagnosis of TB Disease
Discuss Treatment of Latent TB Infection
Explain Treatment of TB Disease
AUDIENCE: This program is intended as a professional development course of study for providers, practice managers, consultants, medical staff, students in healthcare programs, HealthIT pro’s and others addressing medical site administration.


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