Create a Culture of Team Respect (SE003)



Do you want to be able to change the culture of your team as a Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager?

One of the biggest problems Supervisors and Managers face is poor team culture.This course will teach you how to change your Team’s Respect Culture.

Become A More Valuable Manager:

It will also teach you how to do this in an efficient and effective way that will broaden your management skills and increase your value to the organization you work for.

Would You Like to See Your Team:

Understand your expectations of them?
Be seen as a respect conscious team?
Create a high performing team?
Create a team with individuals that support each other?
Reduce team interpersonal issues?
Produce a happier work environment?
Create a team that respects you, themselves, the customer, the product and the company?
Who Is This Course For?

The course is designed for beginners and those on the front line like Team Leaders and First and Second Line Managers.

About This Course:

This is one course in a series of culture change courses on specific topics and has been developed and delivered by Stephen Mather who is a leading UK management change consultant, trainer, coach and psychologist.Stephen is a much sought after Management and Business Change Consultant in the UK and has worked with companies of all sizes spanning a large range of industry sectors.Stephen is well placed to help guide you through culture change within your team.


Topics Covered In The Course:

Why Do You Want To Change Your Team Culture
What Behavior Will You See In The New Culture
It Is The Way They Talk To Each Other
Showing A Genuine Interest In The Other Person
Assuming Your Colleagues Best Motives
Listening To Each Other And Solving Problems Together
Using This Culture Change Method
What are the requirements?

You should be in a role as a Team Leader, Supervisor or a First or Second Line Manager.
You need access to the internet.
You should be willing to put into practice the methods and suggestions taught in the course.
What am I going to get from this course?

Understand what a team culture is.
Learn what behavior you should expect to see in a safety culture.
Learn how to influence the way the team members talk to each other.
Learn how to influence team members to show genuine interest in the each other.
Learn how to influence your team to assume their colleagues’ best motives.
How to encourage team members to listen to each other and solve problems together.
Learn the steps to take in order to create a respect culture with your team.


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