Data Modelling and Analysis with Excel Power Pivot (IL006)



Power Pivot has been described as the most important new feature in Excel in 20 years. Power Pivot has been developed by Microsoft to help companies analyze and understand the growing quantities of data that are created on a daily basis.

Power Pivot will improve your time to create reports, develop data analysis, and gain insight into your data by at least 80%.

Create relationships between tables of data without Vlookups
Create powerful Key Metric and Key Performance Indicator calculations
Manage and work with data models of millions of records of data
Create powerful new dashboards and reports
Power Pivot is a free Add-in for Excel 2010 and is called the Data Model in Excel 2013 that provides capabilities to handle large quantities of data. PowerPivot is a columnar database that is capable of storing and manipulating hundreds of millions of rows of data. PowerPivot brings new capabilities to business users to analyze, explore, and gain new insight into business and marketing data. PowerPivot has been referred to as the most important feature for Excel in 20 years.

Power Pivot makes it easy to set up relationships between tables of data in the same way as databases and therefore does not require the use of Excel functions such as Vlookup. PowerPivot, therefore, decreases the time substantially to analyze and gain new insight from business and marketing data.

Power Pivot allows the rapid development of powerful PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel utilizing the latest Slicer technology to easily analyze and view data from multiple different perspectives. PowerPivot also adds a new Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) formula language that provides new and powerful calculations and insight to the business user.


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