Fundamentals of React and Flux Web Development (SR062)




This course is designed for developers who know basic HTML and CSS but who want to take their skills to the next level by building data-driven web apps – the kind of apps that can be used for products or startups and the type of apps that can interact with servers.

The course is also for developers of any level who want to know and master React and Flux.

Why React?

Why should you learn React js instead of Angular or Backbone or Ember or Meteor? One reason is because React is incredibly minimalistic. It focuses on reusable view components. Never have to copy and paste code again with React. Then take the Reflux design architecture and mix it with React js and you have a full-stack front-end solution that is very lightweight. Frameworks like Angular do a LOT of things, are very heavyweight, and have steep learning curves. Why use a framework that gives you stuff you don’t need in every project?

React was created by Facebook, designed incredibly well, and makes fantastic data-driven websites. React Flux is a powerful combination.

You are going to learn a lot in this course. Here are some of the topics we cover:

React Components and component nesting
React Component user interaction with states
React Component data management with props
Robust architectures with Flux and Reflux
Building simple Node & Express servers
Making HTTP requests and managing data in React
In-line React styling with Javascript
Parsing and managing JSON in React
Single page applications with React Router
Javascript overview
Professional development practices and tips
Who is the target audience?
If you know basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript then this React course is for you
If you are an advanced developer but don’t know Javascript you will get by just fine in this React course
If you have no HTML or CSS experience you should learn those first before taking this React course
If you want to move away from jQuery then take this React course


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