Impactful Communication (CAd002)



Impactful Communication involves many active skills, such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening. When utilized properly, Impactful Communication results in a strong culture, strengthened relationships, and a well-balanced work environment.

Most think the performance and retention of individuals come from leadership post training. The reality is that the majority of the time, expectations are not set clear enough in the interview process. It is important to set expectations for the role, leadership, and future growth early and set a clear understanding of what will be tolerated.

Communication Rules is a skill that is centered around making people aware of how and when they can get in touch with you so that the best communication channel is always used. Establishing a set of rules (or guidelines) that you adhere to causes a lot less miscommunication, and a lot more impactful communication.

There’s nothing more frustrating than sending out an important email and not getting a single response. Did people even read it? Why aren’t you getting the feedback you need? This skill teaches you how to ensure your emails get read, how to ensure the email information is retained, and how to ensure you get the responses that you need.

Graduated learning is the art of providing only a little information at a time so that the person can digest the development and learning slowly. Often, people want to reach the end result overnight. However, providing too much too quickly can overwhelm some people. By slowly working towards it and giving them only what they need to know when developing them can help ensure they get there faster.

What does it mean to actually listen? This skill can be so easy to understand but so difficult to actually implement. It’s not only about how the individual makes sure they are listening and seeking to understand but more importantly to ensure the other person knows that they are being listened to. Take it a step further and acknowledge that many are terrible at this skill so it can be hard to be a great listener when the person on the other side can’t reciprocate. This leads to misunderstandings, conflicts, etc. Focus on how to help people through the skill of effective listening on this module.

So often people struggle to be assertive. Most come from a preference of passive or aggressive. What is the difference? What is the tact or way to approach people where it comes off as assertive? Why is it vital to be assertive in business if it is sales, leadership or other roles? This is one of the most underutilized skills in business.

Conflict in business in unavoidable, yet so often people try to avoid it. It’s important to remember that healthy conflict leads to a healthy culture. This skill teaches you how to resolve conflict between individuals in a way that allows them to express their frustration while working to strengthen relationships and move forward in a constructive manner.

Effective public speaking skills can allow you to impact a larger number of people by leveraging your message to a larger audience. Being comfortable communicating in this manner gives you greater leverage and allows you to demonstrate your leadership to your team. What tactics can you use to ensure your message is clear, dynamic and exciting? This skill teaches you how to prepare yourself to speak to a group.

Becoming a better communicator helps you in multiple areas of your life. Your job, your friends, your spouse, your kids, your parents, or even when dealing with customer service. It’s the communication that is driving the results you’re looking for.


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