InDesign Building Blocks (ML015)



This course will teach you crucial digital design skills with InDesign with lot of fun. The course is project oriented, in each section of the course, you won’t just be learning valuable InDesign skills, but also completing exciting projects. As you become more skilled with the InDesign software, you’ll create more and more complex projects from business cards to FAQ sheets, to trifold brochures and catalogs.

What you’ll learn

Create attractive documents with inDesign
How to understand the inDesign interface and metaphors
How to create different sized documents
How to use color, color libraries and custom colors
Adjust typography in documents including advanced typographic features such as tabs
How to manage links and resolve problems with links
How to flow text between columns and pages
How to place images and cause text to run around an image
How to manage fonts
How to prepare a document for PDF distribution
How to prepare a document for Print distribution
How to use Guides for document production
How to use Grid Layout and related tools
How to use inDesign to create several types of common projects


No experience is required

Who this course is for:

Designers who want to use the premier print design tool: Adobe inDesign
People who want to create complex documents for print and PDF
Teachers and students who want to use inDesign as part of their workflow
Web designers who want to expand their practice in to print design
Anyone who needs to use and understand inDesign


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