Microsoft 70-485: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# (SR005)




Our Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# course provides developers with the knowledge and decision making skills for utilizing C# and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to develop Windows Store apps, discover and interact with devices, program user interaction and enhance user interfaces, manage data and security, and prepare for a solution deployment. This course provides credit towards the MCSD certification.

This course is designed for developers with two to five years of experience with C# and XAML applications, as well as experience with developing applications in accordance with Windows Store app guidelines.

The primary objectives of this course include:

Creating and consuming background tasks
Creating and consuming WinMD components
Media capture with camera and microphone
Gathering data from sensors
Enumerating and discovering device capabilities
Using contracts and charms to implement printing and Play
Implementing Windows Push Notification Service (WNS)
UI responsiveness
Animations and transitions
Creating custom controls
Designing Windows Store apps for globalization and localization
Data cache implementation
Saving and retrieving files from the file system
Securing app data
Designing and implementing trial functionality in an app
Designing for error handling
Test strategy design and implementation
Diagnostics and monitoring strategy design
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