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Data Modeling & Visualization with Power BI

The typical data analysis and reporting process today involves large datasets scattered over multiple Excel sheets and other sources. These need to be put together first for any report to be prepared. Moreover, the data may not be in the right shape presenting challenges in processing it. This leads to regular data cleaning activities which can be repetitive, tedious and, hence, time-consuming. The Excel file containing such processed data may further have lot of additional formulas for KPIs and other reporting metrics making the file very bulky, bloated and delicately-balanced, frequently hanging up on the frustrated users.

Power BI is a part of the new generation Power Platform from Microsoft, and can help your Managers and Analysts transform data into actionable insights in a matter of minutes. Its data modeling capabilities can help users combine data from multiple sources and present it through sophisticated and interactive dashboards. The one-time activity of creating a report can attend to repetitive and tedious data cleaning activities by automating them; and provide a robust, stable and scalable reporting solution to the users and consumers of data.

The analyst can therefore stop being a data slave and become the primary source of actionable intelligence for decision-makers within the organization.

Hence, our Excel training programs ranging from basic to advanced levels are customized to cover a wide array of topics – from basic formatting,
simple sorting and filtering of data at the basic level, to performing complex calculations and creating self-service business intelligence reports
within Excel at the advanced level. We also provide training on VBA for Excel for the advanced users who need to write programs for automating
repetitive tasks or creating customized tools in Excel.


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