PowerPoint 2013 : Advanced (CA085)




The Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Advanced course is the second and final course in the two course series on PowerPoint 2013. The course provides the more advanced and complex knowledge necessary for the end users to make full use of the functionalities and features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. The course covers the advanced topics such as modifying the PowerPoint environment, customization of design templates, SmartArt, math equations, animations and presentation security.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a very useful content presentation application. This series on Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 provides the students with a complete overview of the latest PowerPoint application and enables them to prepare, develop and deliver effective presentations using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013.

Who this course is for:
The course is intended for anyone who uses Microsoft PowerPoint for their official or educational presentation.
The course is equally helpful for candidates looking to learn more about Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013.
The course also provides a pathway to smooth transition to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 from older versions.


The course requires the students to have basic working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office especially older versions of Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
The course series comprises of two courses, i.e., level 1 and level 2; students are advised to complete the courses in the respective order to gain complete knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013.


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