Preparing for Angular 9 (JE004)



Angular 9 is one of the most far-reaching updates to Angular since it was released. The new Ivy rendering engine creates new possibilities for speed and performance in Angular applications. This course will give users everything they need to know to take advantage of Angular 9 and all the goodies it has to offer. By the end of this course, learners will know how to prepare for Angular 9 if they can’t update to it today, so that their update path is simpler and easier. They’ll know how to update when it’s time, and how to deal with the issues that may arise during that update, and they’ll learn all of the new features available in Angular 9 such as new lazy loading options, the new debugging experience, and how the Ivy rendering engine affects their applications. This course is aimed at Angular developers, and those who are looking to improve their Angular skills. Before starting this course, learners should be familiar with JavaScript and Angular.


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