Prescriptive Selling (CAd004)



Prescriptive Selling is all about setting yourself up for success during your sales process. Being able to plan accordingly, share the proper amount of information at the right time, and adjust on the fly given the situation are all components that lead to you becoming a better salesperson and lead to a signature on the dotted line.

This skill walks you through how to set goals, how to measure success effectively, and how to build a detailed sales plan. An effective sales plan connects long-term goals to short-term goals.

This skill teaches you to tailor every individual sale and to sell in the same style as the person you’re selling to. No two sales should sound the same; if you’re the kind of person who uses memorized lines to win sales, you’re probably not winning often.

This skill focuses on uncovering what is most important to your client, so you can sell to their specific needs. This skill includes asking the right questions, specifically when and how to ask detailed questions.

This skill focuses on matching specific benefits to the needs you found during the probing portion of the sales process. Everyone wants to sell features; you need to sell perceived or received BENEFIT.

Make a consumer feel the need to make a decision sooner than they would have without your help. This skill is not about making a sale right now; it’s about speeding up the decision timeline relative to where your client stands.

This skill focuses on identifying the steps of a sales process and how to sell to the appropriate next step versus always trying to close the deal immediately.

This skill uses specific, purposeful questions to help you identify if someone is ready to close. Trial closing puts a consumer in a buying mindset and helps them work through a decision in live time. It also gives a sales rep confidence and guidance to close at the right time.

Learn to embrace the obection as it means the client is still interested versus them saying “no”. This skill focuses on how to understand and respond to client objections to help you move closer to a sale.

This skill focuses on making and securing additional sales. It teaches clients how to lock in the next sale and how to create additional value to lock in future sales.

Becoming a strong salesperson is not impossible, but it’s also not going to be an easy journey. Each moment in sales requires experience, commitment, discipline, and intention. Some people sign a deal at 8am and go golfing the rest of the day, some people knock on doors until 5pm until they land a deal. Find out where you need to improve and put the time in.


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