Security Analyst (CA178)




This course is designed for anyone who wants to understand the analysis of data security. More than ever, information security analysts are needed to rescue companies when they have been hacked or breached, as well as to put in place controls and counter-measures to avert cyber attacks.

Gain the skills required to detect and mitigate information and cyber security threats and vulnerabilities. The security analyst role is an entry point to many other security specialties and is highly in-demand in today’s evolving threat environment.

In the fast moving world of cyber security, with new threats evolving daily, up to date knowledge and skills that involves protecting systems and networks of companies and other assets containing mission-critical data as well as designing and developing new security solutions routinely to stay ahead of the hackers and cyber attackers.

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This course is for:
Anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on information security
Those interested in a career as information security analyst
Anyone looking to land a job as a Security Analyst
The only required knowledge is the rudimentary computer operating know-how. This course is for beginners.


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