Social Media Marketing (ES093)



Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage

Social media is a pillar of modern life. The way we communicate it is so entwined that businesses have no choice but to involve social media as part of their marketing campaign. You should take a moment before adopting any social media strategy to consider both the benefits and the risks.

The Social Media Marketing course is designed to achieve two objectives. It gives you the social analytics tools, and training to help you become an influencer on social media. The course also gives you the knowledge and resources to build a complete social media marketing strategy – from consumer insights to final justification metrics.

What you’ll learn:

Understand everything about Social Media Marketing!
Create highly optimized and high quality paid ads on all Social Media platforms.
Learn Instagram Marketing A-Z and how to monetize the social platform.
Learn Twitter Marketing strategies.
MASTER YouTube marketing, including: layout, content creation, and video ads!
Optimize your LinkedIn profile and use LinkedIn ads to grow your business.
Use Web 2.0 blogs to further expand your reach with SEO and content marketing.
Learn social media marketing posting automation via IFTTT.
Use Google Business to benefit your local business and help your Search Engine Optimization.
Become a Facebook Ads Expert!


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