Telephone Etiquette (ES101)



Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential.

Fact: 88% of your customers who stop using your services or products do so because of perceived employee indifference or rudeness.

One of the most common ways our customers interface with employees is through the telephone. Therefore, having an understanding of telephone etiquette will make a large difference to your customers and your profits. Your reputation for service depends on how well your staff handle incoming and outgoing calls. 87% of the message your customers receive on the telephone is through the tonality of the voice they hear. Only 13% of the message they hear are the words used.

Participants will learn the skills to maximize efficiency and enhance output through our Mobile Etiquette course. This will create a productive atmosphere in the company and will affect the whole organization. Recognizing the various techniques used in inbound and outbound calls, along with information of how to treat disrespectful or frustrated callers, makes this laboratory a perfect investment.

Participants attending the Telephone Etiquette training course will develop the following competencies:

Telephone Etiquette & Answering Procedures
Processing Incoming & Outgoing Calls
Communication & Communication Barriers
The Phonetic Alphabet
Elements of Customer Service
Identifying Customers and Competitors
Identifying & Meeting Customer Needs
Forbidden Phrases & Soft Language Skills
Dealing With Challenges
Dealing with Problem Customers


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