Time Management Skills (CA037)



The Time Management Skills course is another course in the professional business skills development series of courses for corporate employees. The course covers the basic concepts and advantages of time management and enables the candidates to identify goals, utilize their energies efficiently and effectively, work with their personal style, build their toolbox and establish their action plan.

Developing effective time management skills in an early stage of a professional career is a very important trait for any worker. Having time management skills ensure rapid career growth for any employee. This course is specifically focused on developing time management skills in employees working in a corporate environment. This course enables the candidates to apply the acquired skills to achieve their professional goals and work with motivation at their workplaces.
This course is for:

Young and inexperienced employees of any organization
Professionals looking to develop strong time management skills

The course is designed for entry level and inexperienced professionals who want to groom themselves professionally and grow in their careers at a rapid pace.
Students are recommended to have a minimum of six months of experience in a corporate environment to get maximum benefits from the contents of this course.


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