Top 10 Sales Secrets (ES105)



Ninety percent of selling is conviction and 10 percent is persuasion.

No one is born a salesperson. No one has a peculiar talent thatmagically sells products / services to consumers. Nevertheless, anyone will know how to market effectively. Anyone may be a good sales person by learning to connect with clients, creating lead lists and marketing the company’s services with confidence.

In our Top 10 Selling Secrets course, the participants will learn the basics of how to grow the qualities that will make them effective selling people and how to create meaningful, long-lasting consumer relationships.

The learning outcomes of this online Top 10 Sales Secrets training course are to:

Learn how to develop effective traits Learn how to “know” your clients better. Better represent the product/service Cultivate effective leads Sell with authority Learn how to build trusting, long term relationships with customers.


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