Understanding Artificial Intelligence (SR012)




This video course on artificial intelligence is aimed at beginners and is designed to teach you the basics within the historical development of AI.

What you’ll learn

You will learn to understand the structure and design of modern artificial intelligence systems.
You will learn to distinguish between strong and weak AI.
You will learn what “Deep Learning” is.
You will learn what “Machine Learning” is.
What is the structure of a problem.
You will learn about forward and backward chaining.
Learn about probabilities in expert systems.
You will learn about the human neuron.
Learn about the layers in deep learning networks.
You will learn about machine vision / computer vision.

No prerequisites in the field of AI necessary.
Everything is explained in detail in an understandable way.

Who this course is for:

People who want to get basic information about the topic of artificial intelligence.
For interested students, researchers, beginners and advanced students in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).


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