Working with JavaScript Streams (SR097)




Any IT professional or casual developer anticipating a better understanding of the JavaScript language and it’s newer design patterns and structures needs to go through this course and absorb all of its content. Anyone desiring to learn more about the language and better ways to use it needs the knowldege, demonstrations, and practice presented in this course. This not only includes web, mobile, and service application developers, but also architects, UI designers, testers, and administrators. This course provides an introduction to the concept of Streaming Data in JavaScript with a focus on the RxJS library’s implementation of JavaScript Streams and tools for working with them.

* Learn what Streams are and how the concept originated
* Understand how Streams are becoming the norm in modern JS
* See how Streams turn conditional logic into better formed code
* Discover the most popular JavaScript Streams library – RxJS!
* Learn how to use Observers in Streaming JavaScript
* Understand the incremental nature of Streams
* Learn to write asynchronous functions in JS with Streams
* Design streaming logic with greater performance and readability
* Learn how RxJS provides amazing tools for Streaming data
* Understand how Streams surface Functional Programming concepts
* Become a much more marketable developer with Streams… and much, much more!


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